WGMT Launches: Women Target Market for Graphic Media

CHICAGO, IL, USA—IDEAlliance and Raine Consulting, Inc., announce the launch of a new association in the graphic communciation industry: Women in Graphics Media and Technology—WGMT. According to Raine, this national industry association will serve professional women in the graphic media and digital technology fields. "Women have been identified as the next leadership group and are considered to be the 'target market' in many industries, including graphic communications," says the consulting firm.

"Recent estimates show the number of women leaders in graphic communication industries will more than triple in the next ten years. We believe this rapid change in leadership creates a demand for support services, and WGMT will be there," adds Susan Kelly, CEO and founder of Raine Consulting."

Raine says pilot meetings between core believers and the newly formed board of advisors identified this charter for WGMT:

  • WGMT will be dedicated to:
  • Influencing and impacting policies, practices, and politics for the graphic media and related technology industries;
  • Participating in affiliate associations to raise the profile of women in their integral involvement in industry growth and standards management as well as awareness of diversity issues;
  • Increasing the number of women in leadership roles in graphic-media and technology-based companies by offering job networks and "Women on Boards" programs;
  • Helping women increase their vertical industry knowledge and networks to be be highly valued, technology-literate leaders;
  • Honoring genuine accomplishments, entrepreneurial spirit, and community efforts that best serve the advancement of women's progress.
WGMT charter membership is open to all professionals, women and men alike, that wish to contribute to the successful advancement of women within the converging fields of graphic media and digital technology. Visit wgmt.org or IDEAlliance.org for more information. Learn more about Raine Consulting at RaineConsulting.com.

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