Creo Announces New Prepress Developments for Flexo

BOSTON, MA, USA—Early this fall, Creo announced new developments to its Prinergy Powerpack packaging workflow and the ThermoFlex family of computer-to-plate (CTP) devices. According to the company, these improvements are designed to make flexographic packaging converters and trade shops more successful.

Image Enhancement Technology
Creo says the latest addition to the specialized flexo technologies available in Prinergy Powerpack is DigiCap, digital plate capping, which improves print quality in solid areas. "'Plate capping' is a traditional technique in which the plate surface is slightly textured to improve ink coverage. While effective, it's slow, costly, and impractical as a general solution," explains Creo. "DigiCap simulates the plate capping effect digitally by applying a pattern of small reverse dots in the surface of the plate. This minimizes visual artifacts and, in some cases, reduces dot gain while increasing solid ink densities."

Among Creo's other plate-enhancing technologies is the GATF InterTech award-winning HyperFlex. Creo says this plate resolution enhancement technology improves the quality of its Maxtone screening, and it extends the imaging potential of flexographic plates by enabling smaller dots to be formed and held throughout the print process.

More CTP Options
Creo also reports more available plate options for the ThermoFlex product line. "ThermoFlex CTP devices now image digital plates for rotary letterpress printing in such substrates as paper, film, foil, plastics, and laminated stock," says the prepress technology manufacturer.

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