Agfa Xcalibur: Jewel in Converter's Crown

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, USA—The Xcalibur VLF "breakthrough" system reportedly brings new simplicity and quality to the demands of package printers, says its manufacturer, Agfa. And one of Agfa's customers, Superior Lithographics—a 15-year-old, Los Angeles, California-based operation—is quick to agree. The package-printing plant reports the Xcalibur CTP (computer-to-plate) system has been a jewel in its production crown.

"Our Agfa Xcalibur system is the reason why we produce better printing—it's just that simple," says Doug Rawson, VP/GM of Superior Lithographics. According to the co., Xcalibur uses an extremely reliable semi-automatic staging and loading solution that makes platemaking easier, even for the largest plates, while ensuring fast, accurate plate registration. "Everything just looks better," he adds.

Superior Lithographics uses its Agfa Xcalibur system to print everything from corrugated box-top sheets to educational materials for public schools, reports the mfr. "Our customers choose us because of the large format press we have and our dedication to a high level of technology and quality," Rawson reports.

Utilizing long-lasting efficient multi-beam arrays of solid-state, fiber-coupled lasers designed and tested to meet the most stringent industry standards, the Xcalibur system is said to ensure exceptional imaging quality and reliability. In addition, says Rawson, the use of the system at Superior LIthographics has decreased both make-ready and press-check times at the operation; in some cases, Rawson reports, these times were cut by as much as half.

According to Agfa, Xcalibur provides its users with more than just a platesetter; the co. says it's a complete plate-manufacturing system that will help streamline an operation. For more information about Agfa's Xcalibur's VLF system and its other products, visit

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