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Valpak to Take Over Green Dot Compliance in U.K.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM—Valpak U.K. Ltd—the company set up to ensure packaging waste compliance in the U.K.—has signed an agreement to protect the Green Dot trademark in the country, reports Convertingloop

According to Convertingloop's article, the holder of the international license to the mark, PRO Europe (Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe) has sub-licensed its U.K. duties to Valpak.

Prior to the agreement, Repak, the Republic of Ireland's compliance entity, oversaw the protection of the mark in the U.K. Sources say Valpak and Repak are discussing how best to ensure a smooth responsibility transition.

The Green Dot is used throughout Europe as evidence of a financial contribution to recycling by a compliant company. Compliant companies then may display the mark on their packaging as evidence they've met the Green Dot-system requirements.

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