US National Parks Using EarthShell 'Environmentally Preferred' Packaging

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA—EarthShell Corp. announced EarthShell Packaging sandwich wraps now are being used in several national parks throughout the US. According the manufacturer, the wraps use the same ingredients as other EarthShell Packaging products. "The ingredients, such as limestone, starch, and other biodegradable materials, result in packaging that is environmentally preferable compared to traditional foil, paper, or plastic-laminated wraps," says the co. "The wraps will be used by the parks to serve a variety of hot and cold sandwiches."

According to EarthShell, prior to distribution within the US National Park system, it completed a successful three-month test market of its sandwich wraps in the Baltimore/Washington area. "Several different wrap sizes were introduced," says EarthShell, "for a variety of [sandwich types], and they met such fitness-for-use requirements as insulation, grease resistance, moisture retention, and overall ease of use. Feedback on the products, which are printed with the EarthShell logo and environmental message, was positive when compared to traditional laminated paper and foil wraps," adds the co.

The parks currently using EarthShell's sandwich wraps include: Shenandoah National Park, Luray, VA; Mesa Verde National Park, CO; Bushkill Falls, PA; Pike's Peak, CO; Ellis Island, NYC; Muir Woods National monuments, San Francisco, CA; and Lake Powell, which stretches across northern Arizona into southern Utah. According to EarthShell, the global sandwich wrap market is estimated at approximately $1 billion (US) annually. Visit EarthShell at

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