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New INXCure CardPro UV Offset Inks meet growing demand for Plastic Card printing applications

Photo courtesy of INX

INX International Ink Co. has announced the introduction of INXCure CardPro, an offset plastic lamination ink system designed for the plastic card market. It delivers stronger, longer-lasting performance with the highest lamination bond strength available to brand owners and printers, and addresses the need of an advanced solution for a growing marketplace.

This innovative development is well-timed as the global plastic card market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% by 2028. High demand is expected to continue for regular and smart cards with chip enabled technology, such as credit, gift, and loyalty cards. Applications use ranges from banking institutions and financial services to government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, transportation and others.

“INXCure CardPro supports our customers by stabilizing market supply for the highly specialized ink,” explained Joshua Jones, an Energy Curable Research Chemist at INX’s Research & Development campus in West Chicago. “It’s an ink system designed to maximize performance and prevent end use product failure by eliminating potential ink delamination issues. The R&D group developed a formula after trying different materials and testing bond strength, and the trials we conducted with a customer were impressive.”

The superior lamination bond strength between the synthetic card substrate and plastic film overlay that INXCure CardPro provides surpasses ISO specifications. These high performance and durable inks have displayed excellent printability at high press speeds, with fast cure and stable color. The ink system provides optimal trap quality for a large range of colors that allow for fast make-ready and reduce waste. Printers will also experience flexibility to drill, cut, or emboss without chipping or cracking a card.

“Our plastic card inks are backed by a team of development, technical, and applications specialists to help you produce high quality output and improve pressroom efficiencies,” noted Jones. “From press fingerprinting to product selection and trial support with continuous improvement recommendations, our support team takes a proactive approach to service.”

INXCure CardPro is now available. For more information, visit the website.

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