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Schreiner Group to Commence Climate-Neutral Manufacturing

Company’s zero CO2 operations align with commitments of Paris Climate Agreement.

Schreiner Group, a supplier of high-performance labels and functional components whose business units include Schreiner MediPharm, Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner PrinTrust, has announced plans to commence climate-neutral manufacturing by the end of 2023. The ambitious goal will be supported by sustainability efforts across several production parameters.

Formalizing its dedication to sustainable manufacturing, Schreiner Group has submitted a commitment letter via the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) specifying the steps necessary to yield climate-neutral production. In doing so, Schreiner Group has officially embraced the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to avoid the worst potential consequences of climate change.

Like any large-scale global manufacturer, Schreiner Group’s perpetual push toward climate-neutral production is multifaceted. The company has seen substantive sustainability progress in various areas of its business model, including:

  • EMAS CO2 Reduction: Schreiner Group has reduced its engineered material arresting system (EMAS) CO2 emissions by over 70 percent since 2012, despite strong sales growth. Schreiner Group’s CO2 reduction programs focus on generating renewable energy, reducing energy consumption, purchasing green electricity, increasing material efficiency and manufacturing sustainable products.
  • Solvent Reduction: Considering gross value added, production-related solvent emissions have been reduced by 53 percent since 2007, largely due to incorporating solvent-free or low-solvent cleaning agents.
  • Waste Recycling: Schreiner Group’s utilizes an intelligent waste separation system that factors in more than three dozen reuse metrics to achieve recycling rates of 97 percent – exponentially higher than most manufacturing operations. The organization recycles some 200 tons of PET and paper liners per year, and has continued to minimize its use of solvent-based inks, cleaning agents and heated water. Schreiner Group is a proud member of CELAB-Europe, a collaboration comprising the entire self-adhesive label value chain that allows stakeholders to collect and recycle release liner and matrix material.
  • Green Building & Photovoltaics: Opened in 2017, Schreiner Group’s sixth headquarters building is 100 percent carbon neutral, and was designed for healthy, sustainability-minded work. In addition, the company’s installation of two photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of over 400 Kilowatt-peak will save 200 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  • Heat pump & Photovoltaic Module Combo: At its Oberschleissheim headquarters, Schreiner Group has Installed seven heat pumps, along with photovoltaic (PV) modules capable of up to 1,000 kWp. In addition to an overall energy reduction of 20 percent, the combination allows Schreiner Group to reduce its CO2 emissions by 90 percent and, importantly, completely eliminate its reliance on natural gas-derived energy.

“By manufacturing sustainable products, we intend to establish climate-neutral production from 2023 onward, and achieve full climate neutrality by 2030,” said Roland Schreiner, CEO of Schreiner Group.                  

For more information, visit www.schreiner-group.com.

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