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Ashland Introduces the Easy-Wet™ Substrate Wetting Agent Portfolio

Silicone-free, High-performing Additives for Industrial Coatings Applications

As a part of Ashland’s recently announced Super Wetting Agent Technology Platform, the company has launched a portfolio of Easy-Wet™ substrate wetting agents, a new generation of silicone-free, high-performing oligomeric alkyl polyether polyols for premium industrial coatings.

The Easy-Wet portfolio is a more sustainable, breakthrough technology that provides an excellent balance of wetting and low foaming that leads to defect-free films in coatings.

Super Wetting Agent Technology is one of seven platforms Ashland recently introduced to provide differentiated and sustainable products, serving multiple markets. Super wetting agents deliver high-value performance in various industrial coatings applications, including wood, metal, automotive, general industrial finishes, printing inks, and plastic coatings

Substrate-wetting agents are essential for delivering perfect substrate-wetting and defect-free films, especially in waterborne coatings. They help to significantly reduce the surface tension of water and provide excellent wetting properties. Additionally, the Easy-Wet™ portfolio offers very low foam stabilization, leading to no cratering or pinholes. This feature provides formulators with the ability to tailor their formulations to achieve desired cost and performance targets. 

All grades are silicone-free, meet biodegradability+ requirements, and are more sustainable than silicone and fluorocarbon-based agents, along with having one of the lowest VOC levels in the industry.

"Ashland’s new Super Wetting Technology Platform offers the coatings industry a high-performing and sustainable product line with limitless possibilities for various applications," said Chris Brown, vice president and general manager, coatings,  Ashland. "When one of our Easy-Wet™ products is used in industrial coatings, the final coating film penetrates nicely into wood and other surfaces that are porous, leading to perfect substrate wetting. This technology is a game-changing innovation for the coatings industry.”

For more information, please visit ashland.com/platforms23

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