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Baldwin Technology Partners with TimsonsCPI to Support Revival in Book Publishing

TimsonsCPI, the new joint venture between two of the oldest and most respected names in book press manufacture and print, is developing new, upgraded and retrofitted presses to meet the demands of a return to growth in book-publishing with the assistance of Baldwin Technology.

Established in 1896, the Timsons Group has been at the vanguard of printing press design and manufacture since the 1950s. Its machines set the gold standard for modern book presses. CPI is a leading print service provider in lithographic and digital printing.

The companies joined forces in 2021, following Timsons’ bankruptcy in 2015, during a prolonged downturn in physical book publishing. TimsonsCPI is well positioned to respond to the rebound of printed books and serve the book printers still operating 250 Timsons presses in operation around the world.

According to Booksrated.com, more than 788.7 million copies of printed books were sold in the United States in 2022, more than 100 million copies above the pre-pandemic period – the second-highest sales mark for printed books in the 21st century.

The first project of the TimsonsCPI joint venture is the upgrade and refurbishment to an existing T48 single-unit Royal format press to zero-make-ready. The second project, with Canada-based Friesens, consists of the manufacture and installation of a brand-new press, due for installation in 2024. It will be the first new Timsons press manufactured in more than 10 years.

Friesens is Canada’s premier book, yearbook and packaging manufacturer. Its press will be a completely new version of the Timson T48A, will be equipped with a new operating system and new features and productivity enhancements, including Baldwin’s Impact Fusion blanket-washing system, AMS Spectral LED UV and spray dampening and ribbon-control systems.

“With Baldwin technology we are able to make major improvements in the design, health and safety and productivity,” said Matthew Baldwin, Director, TimsonsCPI. “As the physical book business has returned to growth, publishers will be looking for printers that can provide speed, quality and value; upgrades and new investments will be required for them to remain competitive.”

Baldwin components include:

Impact Fusion CW™ Blanket Wash System

The Impact®Fusion is a fully automated blanket-cleaning system. Its full coldset and heatset capability with a wide choice of consumables offers application flexibility. The system’s shorter cleaning cycles ensure increased production time and less waste. The state-of-the-art wash bar design – which incorporates all vital components in the unit – provides easy installation, tool-free simplicity in handling, convenient cloth removal, precise spray distribution and minimal waste.


With nearly 20 years of LED UV development and the largest install base of large-format high-power LED UV systems worldwide, Baldwin will supply the latest LED UV system for this application. The 100% water-cooled XO+ system uses patented technology and patented optics to ensure an ultra-uniform pure UV light beam to guarantee 100% cure at any speed. The XO+ system includes the ability to switch off LED arrays where there is no substrate or no ink, to offer enhanced energy savings in a compact package.

World 3 Spray Dampening System

The EvenSpray World3 features optimized flow nozzles and a valve design with high-frequency spray cycles, enabling precise water volumes and uniform dampening over the plate cylinder. Moreover, a short reaction time means the required dampening level is quickly reached, leading to a reduced start-up waste. Optimized flow nozzles enhance the accuracy of correct damp level, even at low web speeds.

Ribbon Control System

Ribbon Control with MultiCam delivers precision across the full range of ribbon-control tasks — including everything from cutoff, print-to-cut, print-to-fold and crossover register to the most complex challenges. Its color-to-color and folder registration, combined with the world’s fastest register camera, delivers reduced makeready and improved performance.

“This is an exciting time for book publishing and the entire industry,” said Lee Simmonds, Baldwin’s sales director, UK and Nordic regions. “With TimsonsCPI leading this resurgence we are delighted to partner with them and help them bring added value to their publishing clients.”

More information: https://baldwintech.com/for-printers, baldwintech.com or bwforsyth.com.

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