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Tosaf Fusion Expansion Course with Customized Solutions for Compounding, Packaging Industry

Tosaf Fusion, developer and manufacturer of customized solutions for compounders and packaging producers, is on course for expansion. It now holds a leading position in innovative products such as modifiers for PA, compatibilizers for PP and HFFR cable compounds, as well as tie layers for PE applications in agriculture and packaging. These products complement Tosaf Compounds' comprehensive portfolio, making the company the only one in the world today that can produce both masterbatches and grafted polymers. Due to steadily increasing demand, Tosaf Fusion is currently relocating its production to a larger facility in Israel's Alon Tavor industrial area.

As a specialist in grafted polymers, the company uses advanced chemical processes to create completely new polymers with improved properties by incorporating functional molecules. Compounders use these as coupling agents in the production of material composites, such as glass-fibre reinforced plastics, wood-plastic composites (WPC) or aluminium-polymer bonding. Beyond, Tosaf Fusion has extensive expertise in the impact modification of polyamides and tie layers for multilayer films.

To increase sustainability, the company has also developed compatibilizers that improve the properties of recycled materials and support the effective use of waste materials. A collaboration with Tosaf Fusion opens doors to a range of additional products from Tosaf's comprehensive offering. Accordingly, the company's customer base ranges from compounders to flexible and rigid packaging manufacturers to film producers.

A particular strength of Tosaf Fusion lies in the possibility of tailoring, for example, the flow properties or the binder concentration specifically and individually for the respective requirements. This and the personal support ensure a seamless integration of these products into existing processes, combined with high efficiency and optimized results.

Dr. Meirav Fleischer, Managing Director of Tosaf Fusion, said, "Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge and experience in compounding and film production, we understand the challenges our customers are struggling with. And we have the knowledge to offer tailor-made solutions and to support and advise customers in practice. We emphasize open communication and knowledge sharing in close collaboration, rather than selling mysterious 'black boxes'. This approach fosters strong partnerships and mutual growth."

As a manufacturer of corrugated sheet made from 100 percent recycled material, a customer was faced with the problem that their product had inconsistent mechanical properties and therefore variations in quality and performance. Tosaf Fusion's dedicated specialists worked closely with the customer to understand their specific needs and objectives. This resulted in a customized approach that included the use of special additives and optimization of the production processes. This made it possible to avoid the inconsistencies and achieve consistent mechanical properties that even exceeded industry standards. Thanks to the product quality thus achieved, the client gained a competitive advantage in the market, as its ability to consistently meet industry standards opened doors to new perspectives and partnerships.

Dr. Fleischer summed up, "Our customised, innovative solutions open up new opportunities for companies worldwide. With our upcoming expansion, collaborative approach and expertise, we stand ready to continue changing the industry."

Learn more at https://www.tosaf.com/.

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