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Apex International Fuels Global Growth with Major Expansion of Headquarters and Production Facilities

Apex International, global leader in Anilox, Glue Set, and Print Solution technology, is excited to announce the acquisition of the building next door to its headquarters in Hapert, Netherlands. This strategic acquisition enables Apex International to significantly enhance production capacity and better serve the increasing market demand. 

Apex International's acquisition adds 2,500 square meters of additional space to its existing production facilities. This expansion is anticipated to boost production output, allowing the company to meet the surging demand for its advanced anilox and embossing technology. The new building houses expanded areas for office functions, increased research and development spaces, and added manufacturing capacity for rotory screens, rotogravure cylinders, anilox rolls, and glue sets. This expansion is a strategic response to better cater to customers' needs as the global market demand for industry-leading solutions continues to rise.

Marian Waterschoot, Managing Director Embossing at Apex International, said, "This expansion means we can bring even more tailored and efficient solutions to our customers. With more room for advanced screening and embossing technology, we can meet specific customer needs faster and more effectively than ever before. This is a thrilling period for our customers and us, and we can't wait to explore what we can achieve together with speciality products in new markets."

"This expansion comes at a crucial time as we continue to experience remarkable growth in the global market,'' said Ruud van Cuijk, CEO of Apex International. "The additional space enhances our production capabilities and provides room for innovative research and development efforts. Our aim isn't just to expand our physical reach, but to broaden our impact, effectively driving the necessary innovations within our industry. As we continue our growth trajectory, our steadfast commitment to quality and innovation remains unchanged. Our customers can rest assured that while we broaden our horizons, our focus on providing industry-leading solutions stays as sharp as ever."

The official acquisition took place June 30, 2023. Renovations and improvements to the newly acquired building have already commenced to align with Apex International's high standards. Apex is working diligently to complete these enhancements by the end of 2023, ensuring minimal disruption to service and maintaining commitment to providing customers with quality products.

Located in Hapert, a vital part of the innovation-rich Brainport Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Apex International thrives at the forefront of technological evolution. This progressive expansion amplifies the company's growth trajectory, fortifying its influential position in this dynamic technology hub.

For further information about this acquisition and Apex International's services, please get in touch with the Apex Europe team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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