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HYBRID Software and ICScolor Offer Color-accurate Remote Director Proofs Directly from within HYBRID CLOUDFLOW

HYBRID Software, the leading software provider and innovator for the label and packaging industry, and ICScolor, the world leader in remote digital color proofing, have announced the seamless integration between HYBRID CLOUDFLOW and ICScolor Remote Director to offer a simple and exact way to view and approve color-accurate digital proofs. While CLOUDFLOW users could always access Remote Director, now they can launch the Remote Director color viewing window directly within CLOUDFLOW.

HYBRID CLOUDFLOW is a modular production workflow suite for file processing, asset management, and workflow automation. It is a web-based application platform specifically tailored for packaging graphics with support for PDF, color separation, trapping, screening, proofing and much more.

Remote Director patented software guarantees all are viewing the same color on calibrated monitors and “heals” the break caused by hard copy proofs in the otherwise totally digital workflow. All color conditions, version control, auto compilation of comments and approvals and full audit trail assure that a project is completed properly and accurately — reducing errors, cost and increasing quality while being more environmentally friendly.

While CLOUDFLOW with Proofscope has always allowed content proofing views and annotations, Remote Director adds the direct ability to view color-accurate proofs on a remote monitor. Using tools from Hybrid Software Group’s ColorLogic to create accurate profiles and IC3D three-dimensional views, CLOUDFLOW now offers a complete, color-accurate digital proofing environment.

To view accurate color, the user clicks a button within CLOUDFLOW that opens Remote Director. Anyone invited to review/approve a proof will receive an email message with a link. Remote Director will check the calibration of monitors and confirm ISO certification. If a monitor is not calibrated, Remote Director’s calibration module will guide the user to calibrate and profile the monitor correctly. That, combined with all the critical color information for proofing built into the design will assure that accurate proofs are displayed on the screen. Just as important, all critical proofing information, such as annotations or suggestions, will be easily available in one location.

“These days, the entire print workflow is digital until a provider creates an inkjet proof, places it in an envelope or box, and mails it to somebody. You can stay fully digital.

ICScolor understands that getting to market quickly is perhaps the most important impetus for brand owners,” explained Vicki Blake, ICScolor VP of Business Development. “The direct link to Remote Director from within CLOUDFLOW saves a lot of time and ensures the client sees accurate color. We are really looking forward to this. I think the partnership with HYBRID Software is going to be very beneficial for both of us as well as our clients.”

“Our work together really started during the pandemic, when it was more urgent to easily provide realistic, contract quality soft proofs virtually. It is terrific to show the openness between two organizations and our technologies. The implementation was quite straightforward. It’s another example demonstrating that open systems can play ‘nicely’ with each other,” commented Mike Agness, HYBRID Software Executive Vice President, Americas. “For anyone who wants to conduct accurate color proofing, it is seamless from within CLOUDFLOW.”

For more information, visit www.hybridsoftware.com or icscolor.com.

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