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As Big as They Come!

Martin Automatic shows its capability outside the printing industry

By Nick Coombes

A recent visit to the production hall at Martin’s HQ in Rockford, IL, proved an interesting experience for someone accustomed to seeing the American manufacturer’s unwind/splice and rewind technology fitted to a variety of narrow and mid web package printing presses.

There on the floor was a massive MTL (Martin Turret Lap) unwind/splicer, capable of handling fiberglass material up to 2mm thick on reels 67” (1.7m) wide and 96” (2.45m) in diameter, at speeds up to 1100ft/min (335m/min).  A hotmelt adhesive applied at a very high temperature holds the splice together.

The material is used in the building industry to make asphalt roofing shingles and according to Martin’s VP Sales & Marketing Gavin Rittmeyer, is one of more than 15 operating in the U.S., with the one about to ship being the first of three ordered by a leading name in the business.

“Despite its size, the MTL is a relatively small part of a production line that extends over 100 meters, which with the special building constructed to house it, represents a total investment in the tens of millions of dollars.  That we are entrusted to be a key part of an investment of that magnitude, with all the risks involved, confirms that our design philosophy of KIS – Keep It Simple – and approach toward stewardship of our customers’ business interests finds favor with our customers,” he said.

Martin Automatic’s stated mantra is to use the basic laws of physics to offer the best technology to help customers achieve maximum efficiency.  Whether this is a compact MBSC splicer for a 10” label press or this giant MTL, the principles and practices remain the same.

For more information, visit www.martinautomatic.com.

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