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Multifunctional Paper Security Seal Impresses FINAT jury

Just a few weeks after the "IT'S PAPER" series won the WorldStar Packaging Award, the triumphant success of Securikett's paper-based security labels has entered the next round with the FINAT Award.

The paper label "James B" convinced the jury and was able to score in the category "A11-Security." The award was presented May 31, 2023, as part of the "FINAT European Label Forum 2023" in Vienna.

Always One Step Ahead of Counterfeiters

The "James B" label is a technically sophisticated paper security label designed to resist common fraudulent counterfeiting techniques. The paper label features a combination of several different tamper indicators. In addition to an impressive opening effect that clearly indicates whether the package has already been opened, the security label is also equipped with heat, cold and liquid indicators. If someone tries to remove the label from the packaging with the help of heat or cold, the temperature-sensitive inks react and colored stripes appear on the label. Upon contact with any liquid, the blue stripe in the center of the label dissolves and transfers its color to the packaging.

At the same time, the label can be 100 percent recycled along with the packaging and remains on the packaging due to a peel-off brake. The QR code is unique on every single "James" label and acts as an electronic information carrier that can be individually equipped with different product information.

Category Winner at FINAT-Award

The FINAT Award is presented annually and honors special achievements in the field of self-adhesive label production and development. Securikett's IT'S PAPER series already achieved recognition at the FINAT Sustainability Award in the fall of 2022.

Marietta Ulrich-Horn, managing partner of Securikett, who had the pleasure of accepting the award herself, said: "I would like to thank the R&D department, which has done a great job in developing the 'James B' label. Our PaperVOIDs have not only established themselves as an eco-friendly substitution to plastic labels, but also offer excellent tamper evidence, which has already received several awards."

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