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FASTEN Wins Top Honor at German Innovation Awards

Company’s Goodloop refillable jar concept recognized with prestigious 2023 Gold Award.

FASTEN Packaging, an IBG (Innovative Beauty Group) company and a leading global beauty solutions provider, won a prestigious Gold Award for its Goodloop refillable jar concept at the 2023 German Innovation Awards, presented by the German Design Council. This recognition was given to only 19 entries out of 650 companies across 22 countries.

The German Innovation Award recognizes products, technologies, and services that break new ground and offer solutions that shape the future, provide added value for users, and may also have a positive impact on the environment. FASTEN’s Goodloop refillable jar concept combines innovative design, sustainability, and luxury. The concept serves as a powerful example of how beauty brands can meet lofty sustainability goals while maintaining their brand identities.

The jar is comprised of recycled polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and features a transparent outer jar with a curved inner portion for a sleek appearance. By not mixing or gluing material, this makes it possible to recycle the materials by type, which not only saves resources, but also reduces CO₂ emissions and avoids waste. Combining embossing on the inner wall with printing on the outer wall offers multiple areas to reinforce brand identity. The lightweight bayonet closure eliminates the need for a liner while ensuring leak-free use. With a simple twist, refilling is convenient and easy.

According to the jury’s statement, “the structure of the cosmetic jars has been cleverly developed down to the last detail and impresses both functionally and aesthetically, facilitating distinguishable integration into a wide variety of brand environments. This is a very exciting concept for an enormous market in which the sustainability of packaging still plays far too small a role.”

“We are honored to be awarded the Gold German Innovation Award for our Goodloop refillable jar concept, which proves that we have pushed the envelope in terms of forward-thinking, eco-friendly packaging innovations,” said Ilja Zutt, Managing Director of FASTEN Packaging. “Sustainability and innovative design are at the core of our company, and we could not be more thrilled to receive this recognition.”

For more information, visit https://innovativebeautygroup.com/.

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