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HERMA In No-Liner System receives Australian Packaging Award

"A milestone in sustainable labeling": Michael Dossor (left), Managing Direc-tor of the Australian sales partner Result Group, proudly presents the Aus-tralasian Packaging Innovation & Design Award for the InNo-Liner system to Martin Kühl, Head of HERMA Labeling Machines.

Award-worthy Sustainability

  • The linerless HERMA InNo-Liner system is one of the winners of the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Award (PIDA) in two categories.
  • The system was submitted by HERMA’s Australian distribution partner Result Group, which has already installed several of these systems at a client's site.
  • "The innovative HERMA InNo-Liner system is a milestone with regard to sustainable labeling of shipping cartons and other tertiary packaging materials."

Shipping and logistics labels without release liners save a lot of raw materials and CO2 emissions. That is why the HERMA InNo-Liner system has now also won a prestigious award in Australia: the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Award (PIDA), in the “Sustainable Packaging Design – Labeling” category. This innovation also won a silver medal in the “Labeling & Decoration Design of the Year” category.

The competition is organized by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) every year. The InNo-Liner system was submitted by HERMA's Australian sales partner, the Result Group. Its Managing Director Michael Dossor presented the award to Martin Kühl, who heads HERMA’s Labeling Machines division, at Interpack. “The innovative HERMA InNo-Liner system is a milestone with regard to sustainable labeling of shipping cartons and other tertiary packaging materials,” Michael Dossor said. The Result Group has already installed several InNo-Liner systems at Hanes, an Australian apparel specialist. “These systems perform labeling operations around the clock without any release liner, without silicone content and without any waste,” Dossor reported. “Many companies have tried and failed to master linerless labeling and none have mastered linerless silicone free, but Herma succeeded.”

HERMA’s Martin Kühl reciprocated the praise: “Michael Dossor and his team always know how to anticipate packaging industry trends at an early stage,” the Head of the Labeling Machines division emphasized. “This creates solutions with real added value for users. The InNo-Liner installations do not represent an isolated case. As a comprehensive solution provider in the field of packaging and labeling, the Result Group covers a similarly broad spectrum as HERMA – which really pays off when it comes to implementing groundbreaking new technologies. We’re very proud to have such a partner at our side for over ten years now.”

Michael Dossor himself received the AIP’s “Industry Packaging Professional of the Year” award in 2023. Among other things, the AIP’s laudatory speech had this to say: “What also makes Michael [Dossor] unique is his genuine passion for identifying new packaging technologies, processes and materials that have the potential to drive innovation as well as greater sustainability... in the packaging sector.”

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