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Pactiv Intros 'Technologically Advanced' Extended Shelf-Life Tray for Case-Ready Meat

LAKE FOREST, IL, US—Pactiv Corp. announces the introduction of a technologically advanced extended shelf-life (ESL) tray for the red-meat, case-ready market—a market that is growing more than 20 percent annually—reports the suburban-Chicago-based manufacturer.

According to Pactiv, "The product combines high quality at the lowest manufacturing cost. Furthermore, this proprietary technology significantly improves sealing time, resulting in faster throughput speeds and efficiency for meat processors. Pactiv’s trays can essentially cut sealing time in half versus industry standards, delivering lower production costs and flexibility for the processor," adds the company.

The recent acquisition Rock-Tenn's packaging assets has enabled Pactiv to complement its white ESL line, says Pactiv. "[Our] flexible manufacturing platform is capable of providing customers with an array of shapes, sizes, and colors," states the manufacturer. "Innovative designs and colors provide customers with an assortment of items to enhance product appeal. Pactiv’s manufacturing flexibility also offers the ability for co-extrusion used to manufacture dual-color ESL trays."

States Pactiv CEO Richard Wambold, “We continue to extend our leadership in the foodservice industry with innovative, technologically advanced products. Over time we expect these products to contribute to sales and profits significantly, and we will continue to pursue other advancements in case-ready and other foodservice and food-packaging areas."

Learn more about Pactiv and its packaging solutions at pactiv.com.

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