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Baldwin Invites Printers to “Stack Their Tech” for Higher Quality, Efficiency and Sustainability at Graphics Canada

High-performance treating, cleaning, curing, coating and inspection solutions converge in booth #5176.

Baldwin Technology Company Inc. will introduce its range of technologies at Graphics Canada, which will take place at the Toronto International Centre, May 11-13. Baldwin will be situated in booth #5176.

Solutions to be discussed at Graphics Canada will include corona surface treatment systems, automated cylinder cleaning systems, LED-UV curing, roto-spray systems, and technologies for color management and defect detection.

Baldwin Vision Systems designs and manufactures the industry’s most advanced color management, register control, and print inspection solutions to help you achieve print quality perfection.

Baldwin’s AMS Spectral UV-brand LED UV technology offers the highest curing intensities available for printing. Benefits of LED UV include a 65% reduction in energy consumption, reduced costs related to parts and service, increased productivity and greater effeciency stemming from the lack of waiting for lamps to warm up or cool down

In addition, Baldwin is the leading provider of corona surface treatment systems that are used to achieve better adhesion of process liquids like inks and coatings to substrates as part of printing and industrial production processes

Rounding out its technology, Baldwin’s cleaning solutions automatically and safely clean cylinders, blankets and plates used in various production processes, and tackle cleaning tasks like hickey-picking, end-of-run plate cleaning, blanket cleaning and film cylinder cleaning to save time, money and resources while producing higher-quality products.

Common to all the technologies is that they increase productivity, reduce waste, improve working conditions and provide full control of producing flawless products. With easy automation and compatible software, Baldwin’s technologies are seamlessly integrated with one another. By “stacking their tech” with Baldwin, printers can compound the benefits of Baldwin’s solutions and achieve superior results.

“With travel restrictions behind us, it’s great to get the opportunity to be at the Graphics Canada Expo in Toronto, and be part of its 60th year anniversary,” said Craig Black, Baldwin Technology’s Vice President of Sales, Americas. “Make sure to stop by and meet our team and hear about how our products help overcome many of today’s challenges. Improving productivity through automation when hiring the right people is increasingly difficult, and our technologies help improve the quality of the print process, reduce waste, and position companies to deliver on their sustainability goals. We’re a one-stop source for high-performance treating, curing, cleaning and inspection solutions.”

For more information, visit www.baldwintech.com.

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