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Signode Showcases Transit Packaging Solutions at interpack

Signode will present a wide array of transit packaging advancements at Interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany from May 4-10. Located at booth E46 in Hall 12, the exhibit will showcase the latest in end-of-line solutions, including wrapping and strapping technologies, case packing equipment, warehouse automation, hand tools, consumables and Reliability Services. This year’s booth will also feature a new product space where attendees can enjoy a refreshment while learning more about a vast array of these innovations.


Signode’s line of fully automated wrapping solutions provides optimal load protection and stabilization for transit. Easily integrated into most packaging lines, these unitizing machines offer flexibility, ease of use, and simplified maintenance.

The Lachenmeier MultiFlex1 Stretch Hooder adapts to varying production requirements, making it a versatile option across industries with mixed product lines, offers 5-sided protection and features a load capacity of up to 200 loads per hour. The Octopus® S-Series Stretch Wrapper is a flexible and dynamic wrapping solution that will demonstrate the ability to vary film force throughout the wrap cycle. Ideal for a range of applications including unstable and lightweight products, the machine has no centrifugal forces, which simplifies the wrapping of challenging loads.


Signode has been synonymous with strapping innovation for over 100 years. Signode manufactures a wide variety of metal and plastic strapping machines that are carefully calibrated to deliver against a variety of applications from hand equipment to automated strapping machines.

The GCU-NG suits most customers' needs to compress and secure their materials onto pallets, offering up to two chute systems and two bayonets to accommodate varying product types. The unique MHC modular head and intelligent strap dispenser system technology enable unrivaled line uptime, and the intuitive HMI control panel provides accurate real time control set-up, operational control, and simplified machine servicing through self-diagnostics.

Case Equipment

The latest case sealing technology from Signode can detect over-stuffed or void-filled cases without interruption, optimizing material use and package integrity automatically. These sealers are simple to operate, with quick tape cartridge changes and sensors to prevent jams at high speeds.

The CF-25 industrial grade, high-performance carton erector machine from Little David is designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute. The chain and lug drive system eliminates box stalling and slipping, and the easy load hopper ensures simple and efficient changeover.

The LDX-RTB 4.0 semi-automatic random case sealer features patented technology that can process void-filled and over-stuffed cases with a pneumatic top cartridge. Capable of processing up to 30 cases per minute, the robust design enables simplified maintenance and features case-hardened rollers and nonmechanical side rail actuation. Boasting belt speeds of up to 155 per minute, the LDX-RTB delivers ultimate performance and durability in demanding applications.

Warehouse Automation

The StorFast® Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) is an innovative cart-based solution that consists of powered carts and lifts that automatically move pallets in and out of storage positions in the warehouse. Signode has the capacity to design a complete operating system, with the StorFast® ASRS at its core, that manages the location of every pallet for optimal pallet flow and easily integrates with customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning, Order Fulfillment, and Warehouse Management Systems. This system is able to work within building constraints, maximizing use of vertical space within existing buildings and condensing space requirements for new warehouses.

Hand Tools

Signode’s line of battery powered hand tools offers a modern alternative to pneumatic and manual tools, improving reliability, ease of use and speed. These electronically controlled strapping tools accurately reproduce tension and sealing settings, improve flexibility through cordless mobility, and feature a customizable and intuitive interface.

The BXT3 Series delivers high-speed operation and improves productivity for a wide range of plastic strapping applications – from minimal tension to heavy industries. The BPT delivers unparalleled performance for push type steel strapping applications. The BST steel strapping hand tool uses interlocking keys to form a sealless joint and is ideal for heavy-duty stationary use or mobile applications requiring high tension force. Intelligent features include real time indication of the steel strapping status alongside visual and acoustic signals.

The Josef Kihlberg® Battery Powered Top Stapler is a lightweight, cordless hand tool boasting up to 8,000 staples per battery charge and up to 5 shots per second, one of the fastest of its kind. In combination with manual, semi-automatic and automatic options, its laser system and digital user interface provide ease of use and ergonomic support.


Selecting the right consumables for your transit packaging operation can be key to balancing investment with proper load support. In conjunction with Signode’s solutions, these products can optimize the entire end-of-line system across a variety of industries.

Strapping solutions to be showcased include PET Tenax®, polyester plastic strapping that stays tight and absorbs impact without breaking; Dylastic® bio-based PP strap, a sustainable option which helps reduce CO2 emissions by ~50%; and Apex® and Magnus® steel strap, designed for light to heavy-duty applications featuring superior edge conditioning and excellent coating and surface properties.

Signode will also feature a variety of its leading pallet protection consumables. Made of 100% recycled materials, Angleboard® and Tchipgard® edge protection are versatile high-strength options for pallets exposed to the elements. Litec® edge protection is lightweight and moisture-resistant, ideal for transporting refrigerated or frozen foods. U-Profile and ReddiCrate® boards feature a non-abrasive interior which makes it a flexible option, able to be used inside or outside of a carton for product unitization. Plastic Tier Sheets, made of 100% solid polypropylene, offer additional stability, reduced contamination, and greater protection between layers of product. Multiple gauges are available to suit a wide range of applications in a variety of industries.

For container load securement, Paper and Poly Woven Dunnage Bags will be on display along with the battery-operated MAX Inflator, which delivers maximum inflation speed, reliability and portability. Hygro-Gelan environmentally friendly high-performance container moisture absorption solution, uses European sourced raw materials for faster, better humidity capture.

Finally, Globoplastt™ products, multi-layer packaging products with excellent anti-corrosive properties, featuring   layers of material – kraft paper, PP leno and PE coating – to provide superior package integrity and protection.

Reliability Services

Signode continues to grow partnerships with its customers well after equipment implementation. Companies of all sizes benefit from ongoing support via the Packaging Plus™ Reliability Services Team, featuring more than 500 field service engineers and technicians around the world. These specialists are equipped with the latest technology, tools, and training to keep your operation secure, efficient, effective, and engaged. Ask Signode specialists at Interpack about the on-site Performance Analysis Report, which includes an assessment of equipment health along with actionable data and recommendations to proactively address specific concerns.

To learn more, visit www.signode.com.

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