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Securikett Launches Fully Transparent Security Label

Colorless security seal protects products and creates wow effect when opened

The Austrian security label producer Securikett has established itself as a pioneer and global leader in the field of product and brand protection over many years. Now, for the first time, the security label manufacturer has succeeded in creating a completely transparent security label with a particularly impressive opening effect.

The so-called "HighContrastVoid" is a completely invisible label that blends seamlessly into any product or packaging design without changing the external appearance of the product and at the same time offers the highest level of product protection.

This breakthrough in tamper evident void label technology lowers the barrier of entry since these labels can be placed over existing text and graphics without impacting the look or readability of the existing package or requiring any package redesign.

The inconspicuous label turns into an eye-catcher when peeled off, which makes it particularly conducive to use in the luxury sector. A previously invisible motif becomes visible when peeled off. The motif of the opening effect can be customized, allowing subtle integration of a company logo.

Vanessa Mitterer, head of the R&D department at Securikett, explains, "The completely transparent design of the labels means that customers do not have to make any changes to the packaging design and the appearance of the product is not affected in any way. On the other hand, the surprising opening effect leads to an unforgettable ‘unboxing’ experience for the consumer."

Dr. Marietta Ulrich-Horn, managing partner and founder of Securikett, is delighted with the new product. "We are convinced that the HighContrastVoid label is another important step towards being able to meet the high demands of our customers even better in the future."

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