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Young, Dumb, & Fearless

New Breaking Down Boxes Episode Released

Hosts Gene Marino, Executive Vice President, Akers Packaging Service Group, and Joe Morelli, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Huston Patterson Printers and Lewisburg Printing Co., speak with Chad Wagner, President, Peachtree Packaging, in Young, Dumb, & Fearless, the latest episode of Breaking Down Boxes.

Marino said, “Humble, hungry and smart; characteristics Patrick Lencioni coins in great leaders and Chad certainly embodies them. It was a great pleasure to be with Chad and hear his story.”

Wager was recruited by the founder of Peachtree Packaging when we was working after school as a golf caddy. After graduating high school Wagner joined the air force and then studied at UGA, where in his junior year the Peachtree’s founder asked him to come back after he graduated. Working throughout the plant, and excelling in sales Wagner, with several partners, eventually bought Peachtree Packaging.

Wagner said, “The company is continuing to learn and evolve and spend capital to add assets for what we want to do and increase our capabilities. We care about investing in our people and attracting the best talent. We are constantly asking how we can push the company forward with better service and solutions to bring value to the marketplace and help as many people as we can.”

Throughout his story you hear the value of his work ethic and how his belief in what Peachtree could be gained him friends in the company and helped the company grow.

“Chad’s work ethic, drive, and desire to build a successful company is inspiring to me personally and his story is one that I think any entrepreneur would be motivated by.  I walked away from our time with Chad with a million thoughts running through my head and I think our listeners will find a lot of value in this episode,” said Morelli.

Mike D’Angelo, AICC President said, “How can you not learn from Chad Wagner.  A non-family owner who started working on the Peachtree floor as a teen. Chad’s ‘I didn’t want to get too smart to get scared,’ comment is incredibly instructive.  Breaking Down Boxes continues to deliver entertaining conversations that can benefit all AICC members.”

The latest episode, Young, Dumb, & Fearless, is available now. Ox Box sponsors this episode, offering strength you can depend on. Learn more at www.OxBox.com.

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