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Empire Screen Offers Kitting and Fulfillment Options for Manufacturers

Empire’s cutting-edge printing process provides quality and efficiency to meet the demands of promotional events and other applications

Empire Screen Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen-printed products, offers kitted and fulfillment services for printed materials that are ideal for assembly manufacturers in the OEM and POP markets. Delivered on time and in one batch, kits combine multiple parts and different materials into a cohesive whole that is perfect for applications such as promotional events and machines that require multiple labels.

Empire’s diverse printing capabilities range from screen to digital and flexo printing. These techniques serve a variety of unique applications, such as doming and embossing, that can add distinction to your product kit. Notably, Empire conducts all its printing techniques in a sustainable fashion, employing an Environmental Management System (EMS) and revolutionary UV LED ink curing technology to help transform screen printing into a green industry.

Efficient and precise methods enable Empire to retain control over all aspects of the manufacturing process. Empire’s in-house die-making department eliminates the need to outsource steel rule dies, effectively reducing downtime. Empire crafts detailed and accurate dies for each custom project using digital bending capabilities.

These methods keep Empire's abundance of stock dies available, cutting costs for common shapes and sizes. Laser and digital cutting methods enhance our finishing operations to allow flexibility and the ability to cut through a wide range of thicknesses, successfully meeting through-cut and kiss-cutting needs for various custom kit projects.

Finishing is made simple with Empire's Preco cutting unit. The Preco achieves exacting cutting output with visual registration capabilities, ideal for tight tolerance jobs that require specific graphic-to-die cut registration. This unit also has the ability to strip away excessive material.

Empire's precise printing methods, finishing process and kitting production allow customers to order all their kitting needs from a single supplier.

Further, Empire's kitting and fulfillment help customers achieve lean manufacturing by eliminating overprocessing, excess handling, and waste, effectively achieving top-quality products and services. Empire's kits can also be efficiently dropped and shipped to different locations to meet customer needs, removing the need for excess shipping and handling charges.

For more information, visit www.empirescreen.com.

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