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Swiss Steel Group amends its Green Steel White Paper

A label system to make the carbon footprint of steel products more transparent      

Swiss Steel Group, with its push for «Green Steel», has made public an offensive to produce environmentally friendly steel with a smaller carbon footprint. Customers and the public are thereby informed of all measures in a way that is both coordinated and open to public scrutiny.

«Green Steel» is not just a tool that helps gradually and systematically reduce emissions of the entire Group. It is also designed to help customers and partners, motivating them to do more to mitigate climate change. The tasks of the production sites and scientific labs of Swiss Steel Group are thus being considerably extended by «Green Steel».

Thanks to «Green Steel» they are becoming platforms of technology, experimentation, and innovation whose horizon and impact extend far beyond the steel industry. By reducing their footprint and keeping precise documentation as part of the groupwide initiative «Green Steel», Swiss Steel Group has set its sights on reducing emissions to near-zero.

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