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Ralph J. Basile Begins Term on ASTM International Board of Directors

Ralph J. Basile, vice president of Healthmark Industries, has started his two-year term on the ASTM International board of directors.

ASTM International’s board is made of 25 leaders from a variety of companies, associations, universities, government bodies and other organizations around the world.

Through his work at Healthmark, Basile helps develop and market products to aid healthcare facilities in delivering safe and ready-to-use medical devices.

Basile joined ASTM International in 2004 and has participated in multiple committees. He is very active in the committee on primary barrier packing (F02). He also serves on the executive subcommittee (F02.90) through his position as the subcommittee chair on liaisons (F02.80).

Additionally, Basile co-chairs a task group on the cleanliness of medical devices (F04.15.17) and is the technical contact for the development of multiple standards of the committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04) related to cleaning methods for reusable medical devices.

Basile completed a bachelor’s in political economy at Kalamazoo College in 1981 and an MBA in marketing from University of Michigan in 1988.

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