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SOMA releases next-generation Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret, slitters

SOMA increases slitter performance parameters, offering greater speed and larger rewind roll diameter

SOMA, producer of flexographic printing presses, plate mounters, slitter rewinders and laminators, announces the release of Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret, the second generation of its successful slitters.

The SOMA Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret are top of the line, high performance servo-driven slitters that offer printers and converters maximum efficiency at high speeds with a wide range of substrates. They can work with a number of substrates, including PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, paper, laminates, and others. They are designed with a web width of 1350/1600/1850 mm (53.1/63/72.8 inches) with a maximum speed of up to 850m/min (2789ft/min ft/min), in the case of the Venus III.2. Those larger converting companies interested in multiple slitting of medium diameter rolls with the highest level of automation and productivity might prefer the Venus III.2-Turret.

Both slitters are equipped with the Tenzomat III.2 tension control system. The system delivers precise unwind and rewind tension control during the entire operating cycle, in a closed loop. In doing so, the Venus III.2 slitters are able to slit very thin and difficult substrates. The Tenzomat III.2 system can operate in two modes. One is based on tension preference, where the system automatically adjusts the speed to reach the highest possible tension. The other is based on a maximum speed preference, where the Tenzomat III.2 system automatically limits the tension to reach a desired speed, for special applications such as pressure sensitive and diaper substrates.

The Venus is known as a family of exceptional SOMA slitters. They share a unified electronic platform of precise control, increased safety, and boosted efficiency with energy savings. Venus slitters deliver exceptional productivity with automatic knife/blade positioning to ensure quick and precise knife settings, and automatic laser core guiding, for precise and very quick core settings for new jobs. There are a number of handling systems to make work as easy as possible for the operator.

Venus slitters are very safe to operate, with an overhead web path suitable for pharmaceutical and food packaging, where stringent hygiene and clean room standards are mandatory. Several control panels help to operate the machine, including two touch screen panels for rewinding and slitting, one panel in the unwind section and a portable control panel for parent roll loading.

“Venus slitters have been very successful throughout the world. Its automated features make it easy for short runs and quick changeovers,” comments Petr Bla?ko, SOMA Marketing Director. “We believe this new generation of Venus III.2 and Venus III.2-Turret slitters operate even more efficiently, at greater speeds.”

Learn more at www.soma-eng.com.

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