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Significans Automation Facilitates Partnership Between Sustainable Printing and Dusobox, Delivering an Eight-fold Reduction in Prepress Staff Requirements

Leading automation provider Significans Automation (www.significans.com) has facilitated the launch of the country’s newest digital corrugate printing company, Georgia-based Sustainable Printing, by customizing and automating its prepress workflow and digital infrastructure based on the requirements of Sustainable’s first pilot customer, Orlando-based box-and-display company Dusobox.

“Our biggest challenge being a start-up, was that we didn’t have a lot of systems or processes in place; starting from scratch is a very different animal with its own unique hurdles,” explained Randy Gilbert, Creative Director of Sustainable Printing.

Dusobox, which had implemented a successful workflow automation project with Significans Automation a year prior, was quick to recommend Significans as a proven technology partner for the task.

“I knew the HP PageWide C500, and we had a wish list of what we needed the system to do,” Gilbert said. “I wanted it to be as hands-off as possible as essentially a one-person operation.”

When it came to the workflow platforms, both parties had expressed a desire to explore solutions that were more affordable, yet less complex and easier to maintain than the industry standard typically implemented.

Equipped with its clients’ wish-list and system preferences, Significans Automation set out to build the automation infrastructure required. Within three weeks Significans had returned to the table with a custom-built solution based on the Enfocus Switch workflow automation platform.

According to Marc Raad, CEO of Significans Automation, the installation is unique in that it is believed that this is the first corrugated company that has implemented an Enfocus Switch placement in their operation. “Although Switch is generally a product used in the commercial printing space, we listened to the customer who saw great value in Enfocus’ suite combined with Tilia Labs which prompted them to purchase a number of modules from us,” added Raad.

With this high level of automation, Gilbert can now perform the daily tasks of 4 full-time staff by himself in half a shift, an eight-fold savings in prepress manpower and production time.

“What Significans built for us has been truly incredible,” Gilbert said. “They found a way to give us exactly what we needed and save us valuable time and manpower while reducing the potential for costly errors.”  Gilbert estimates that these savings have delivered a return on investment of less than 6 months, which is especially impressive considering the system was built from scratch, from the ground up.

According to Dusobox’s Director of Prepress and Workflow Technologies Roland Greene, other benefits include the ease with which re-runs can be effectively managed as well as the ability to offer a wider range of stock choices. Greene explains, “It’s really a win-win because a lot of these jobs are on repeat, so we no longer have to print more than we need and throw the rest in the trash. All we have to do is push up the file and all the info is already in the system in terms of color, imposition, stock, and other info vital to that job.”

With over a dozen customers already using the site, the partnership has been a resounding success. High-speed digital printing has shaved days off production times, eliminating costly steps and saving clients money, and reducing cycle times.

“What’s really been huge for us,” concludes Greene, “is Significans’ willingness and ability to try new things and to deliver a solution for every suggestion and request we made. We ask them, and they just figure it out.”

Learn more at www.significans.com.

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