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Shamrock Gifts and Bags Utilize UV

GREENSBORO, NC, USA—Shamrock Corp. reports it has recently installed a Prime UV multiple-lamp system. A converter of gift wrap and bags to high-end retail stores, Shamrock installed the 600-watt per in. lamp on the operation's H.B. Weber flexo stack press. Prime UV says the lamp will be used to cure personalized bar codes printed on gift-wrap paper.

According to Prime UV, "By doing this in-line, it's allowed Shamrock to have longer runs on their gravure presses with stops and fewer changeovers. The instant cure received with the system allows [the converter] to print, cure, convert, and pack all in one step—saving the floor space, time, and money."

The third Prime UV system installed at Shamrock, the company's manufacturing director, Eddie Trogdon, says "increased production throughput and the high-gloss coatings" are reasons why Shamrock chose UV for two other presses.

Visit Prime UV at primeuv.com.

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