Food packaging company Intraplás partners with GS1 Portugal to boost decarbonization

Food packaging company Intraplás, dedicated to the production and promotion of packaging solutions, is the latest addition to the Lean & Green program, the leading European certification program for self-regulatory initiatives adopted by companies and organizations aiming at reducing CO2 emissions related to logistics and transport operations.

Led in Portugal since late 2019 by the local GS1 member organization, GS1 Portugal, Lean & Green includes more than 600 companies worldwide and will now have the participation of Intraplás, a company with more than 50 years of history that seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient value chain by reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition to their solutions of packaging and extrusion, thermoforming or printing mechanisms, Intraplás' activity comprises techniques of mixed plastics reusage, which enables the production of items such as hangers or pieces of furniture that, despite looking like wood, are made of recycled plastics.

Intraplás’ CEO, Duarte Faria, highlights the company’s “clear ambition to make sustainable packaging broadly available to the market, without compromising the environment and food safety, something that boosted the adhesion to Lean & Green program.”

Faria adds that Intraplás’ participation “has reinforced our objectives even more, as it will help us implement the defined goals. This process will last five years, and each level reached will be audited impartially by independent auditors that collaborate with GS1 Portugal within the scope of the Lean & Green program. Our aim is to improve performance and Intraplás’ contribution through more sustainable solutions.”

GS1 Portugal Executive Director, João de Castro Guimarães, welcomes Intraplás, noting that “this participation proves the key role sustainability increasingly assumes within companies’ strategies and objectives.”

de Castro Guimarães refers to Intraplás’ adhesion as one of particular value. “Lean & Green makes an important contribution to sustainability by rewarding companies that set themselves the ambitious objective of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions related to their logistics and transport operations. The first target set a minimum 20 percent reduction.”

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