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Davis-Standard Introduces Multiuse XP Express® - AGT Roll Stand

Davis-Standard introduces the XP Express® - AGT (Active Gravity Touch) roll stand for both sheet and cast extrusion. As the latest addition to Davis-Standard’s XP Express® roll stand portfolio, the AGT model features greater automation and process control for the full range of sheet (nominal 8 to 60 mil) applications.

Processors benefit from technical and bottom line advantages of the roll stand’s inverted-down, multi-roll design. This unique arrangement facilitates improved die nip management and handling, efficient web cooling and conditioning capabilities, precision roll drive control and high-performance web path options. In addition, the XP Express® AGT addresses low melt strength resin delivery from die slot to nip and expands the processing of thin gauge sheet.

“The XP Express® - AGT is our most versatile and operator-friendly roll stand model yet,” explained Steve DeAngelis, Davis-Standard’s vice president of sheet and foam. “It builds upon the sustained success of our existing product line to offer more automation and roll control along with smarter ergonomics and a space-saving footprint. This design is also engineered for both sheet and cast extrusion to give processors flexibility to support more applications, especially in rigid and flexible packaging.”

The XP Express® - AGT is currently available in widths from 36 to 80 inches (900 to 2,000mm) and with process rates up to 5,500 pounds per hour. Processors can choose among three AGT roll stand options depending on specific requirements. Each option offers a fully automated multi-roll gap nip, individual roll speed and temperature control, enhanced heat transfer and an adaptable pull-roll design. This is augmented by four-point Y-axis and traverse X-axis control to further support operator functionality. In addition, uniform cooling on both sides, double polishing capabilities, reduced web stress, and consistent web orientation and thickness control promote high-quality flat sheets with desired clarity. 

Processors can integrate this rollstand into an existing line or collaborate with Davis-Standard to engineer a solution that addresses current and future operational goals.

To learn more, visit visit www.davis-standard.com/ extrusion_system/sheet/.

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