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Empire Screen Printing Roll to Roll Innovations Achieves New Levels of Efficiency, Repeatability, and Quality, ideal for OEM Applications

Empire Screen Printing expands its printing capabilities with the introduction of a revolutionary new multi-color, roll-to-roll screening press that more efficiently produces superior quality, highly-durable printed products for the industrial decal and OEM markets.

The technologically sophisticated and environmentally-friendly system delivers high volume, reduces setup, and streamlines the production process. Used in products such as Warning and Danger Decals, Industrial Decals, Product Branding, Name badges, Nameplates, Overlays and Decorative or Informative Graphic Decals, Roll to Roll innovations are ideal for the OEM industry.

Empire’s Roll-to-Roll Screen Press employs several innovative features that eliminate variability and increase efficiency, including a patent-pending registration platform, an automated chase, vacuum functions, and a completely standardized set-up system. The press utilizes a camera registration system to ensure precise color-to-color and graphic-to-cutting registration. These advancements in registration allow the material to automatically re-register itself when needed. 

With this innovation, Empire combines the outdoor durability advantages of screen printing with the efficiencies of a roll press. The industry standard for screen printing is sheet-fed equipment and most roll labels are printed on offset or flexo equipment, which cannot produce products that stand up to outdoor and challenging indoor conditions.  

Custom-built by Empire’s industrial engineers, the Roll-to-Roll Screen Press can print on a variety of first and subsurface materials including Polycarbonate, Polyester, Vinyl, BOPP, and Paper products with material thickness ranging between .005 inches to .03 inches thick. Finished products can be delivered to the customer on rolls, as sheets, kiss cut on carriers, and as individual cut decals.

The Roll-to-Roll Screen Press also exemplifies Empire’s commitment to environmental sustainability and employee safety. LED curing has no emissions and is up to 600 percent more energy-efficient than UV Mercury bulbs. The Roll-to-Roll press is also designed with waste reduction measures as a one-of-a-kind web press that allows for starting and stopping with no web loss. 

For more information, visit https://www.empirescreen.com.

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