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MAX International Converters, Inc. introduces MAXDLF

MAX International Converters, Inc. continues to invest in the future through Transform 2025, a corporate initiative launched to reduce the environmental impact of waste through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. The latest commitment is MAXDLF™, the world’s first dispersible liner free direct thermal label.

MAX International’s revolutionary MAXDLF water-soluble dispersible liner free label is cellulose based, made of finely ground tree pulp. MAXDLF is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100 percent recyclable. It will reportedly dissolve in any temperature of water, leaving no residue or paper pulp behind. MAXDLF is 100 percent dispersible in water in 30 seconds or less. MAXDLF will be available in standard 80-millimeter, 58-millimeter and 40-millimeter widths and multiple industry-standard lengths.

“As we are proudly part of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and in following our Transform 2025 initiative, MAX International is very excited about MAXDLF. MAXDLF transcends current labeling options: with MAXStick® we eliminated the liner from landfills, now with MAXDLF we eliminate the label as well,” said Mike Vigunas, international president, MAX. “We will continue to release new products under the Transform 2025 initiative in the coming months. These new products will reflect our values as we work with suppliers and customers to provide environmentally sustainable liner-free label products.”

For more information, visit https://maxintl.com.

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