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Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC Announces New Camera Technology for Web Detection

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC is launching its line of single dimension cameras for web edge and contrast detection. ODC Linear Cameras will replace the WPS line of sensor products for web guiding and monitoring, offering improved capabilities, and a cost-effective alternative compared to traditional vision systems and laser profile solutions to the converting industry. The ODC Linear Cameras have already been shipped out to customers with difficult applications for which traditional sensors have no solution.

Features and Benefits of ODC Linear Cameras:

  • New and improved CMOS line scan camera with high dynamic range;
  • Elimination of motion blur with a global shutter;
  • Up to 4x the scan rate compared to WPS;
  • Improved sensitivity to pick hard to sense materials and low contrast difference;
  • Same enclosure profile as the WPS line of sensor products. Low profile allows for placement in restricted spaces in converting lines where other sensors cannot be used;
  • When combined with the soon to be released SCU6 controller, ODC can provide 8x the dynamic range for superior edge detection and contrast detection; and
  • Drop-in functional replacement to existing WPS products with same cabling.


  • Web guiding: Edge, line, center, pattern and contrast guiding;
  • Web width measurement;
  • Flag detection;
  • Registration mark detection;
  • Product length measurement;
  • Tear detection; and
  • Simple automated defect detection.


ODC Linear Cameras are available with measurement ranges from 48 millimeters up to 768 millimeters. Light sources include: Infrared for mostly edge detection and high contrast applications, White Light (broadband) for visible contrast detection, and UV for fluorescent contrast applications. Additional LED light sources are available on request. Hardware camera resolution of 0.0635 millimeters (0.0025 inches) or 0.127 millimeters (0.005 inches). Higher firmware resolution of up to 0.015875 millimeters (0.000625 inches) available upon request.

ODC Linear Cameras will work with existing SCU5 controllers with a firmware update. Two ODC 768 can be used with a single SCU5 controller to provide a total coverage of 1536 millimeters (60.5 inches). There are additional options and increased capabilities with the soon to be released SCU6 controller.

ODC Linear Cameras are now available for ordering and immediate delivery.

For more information, visit https://r2r.tech.

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