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Admiral Packaging New Metallic Advantage Provides Products a Consumer Choice Edge with Superior Flexible Metalized Film

Admiral Packaging, Inc., a fourth generation privately owned and operated manufacturer of flexible packaging established in 1898, is proud to introduce Metallic Advantage, an innovative, solution-based approach to de-metallization, that allows brand owners to pattern metalize a variety of film structures creating windows in metalized films, allowing for striking metallic finishes and enhanced barrier properties.  

“In creating Metallic Advantage, Admiral offers companies a new way to make their product stand out on the shelf. We can now control where the metallization is applied and where we remove it. In contrast to other de-metallization offering, Metallic Advantage can be treated like an ink, allowing for windows with intricate details, patterns and even vignettes,” said Ed Nugent, vice president of sales and marketing, Admiral Packaging. “Through this process we can offer full barrier or partial barrier as required and deliver eye-popping visual effects through the tinting of the metallized film. This is a game changer in the use of metallic finishes for brand owners.”

Metallic Advantage is a proprietary de-metallization process and breakthrough technology that reportedly allows the creation of metallic effects anywhere on a product package.

Metallic Advantage provides: 

  • The ability to create windows on metallized substrates;
  • Flexible options for substrates and barrier requirements;
  • Removal of metallization in gradations of 100 percent metal to zero; and
  • Eye-catching graphics to capture consumer attention on shelving.

For more information, visit https://admiralpkg.com.

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