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CMD Introduces New Pouch Machine Redesign at Pack Expo Las Vegas

CMD, designers and manufacturers of high-efficiency pouch converting equipment, have never been shy about forging ahead in developing value-rich technology for the pouch and bag converting market.

The next generation 760-SUP reportedly offers an improved design that enhances, strengthens, and maximizes converter’s competitive advantage with improved operational efficiencies and superior after sales support.

Along with retaining the best of the CMD technology from the original system, including robust precision, intelligent sealing technology, faster maintenance and changeovers and simplified operation, the next gen 760-SUP offers four main improvements, and dozens of others that customers and the market have asked for:

  • Reliability;
    • Runs reliably well with minimal adjustment and maintenance;
    • CMD customers report 90 percent or better efficiency on a consistent basis;
    • Well-made – designed to provide process stability for many years;
    • Low downtime and low waste - On average, less than 5 percent scrap/waste;
  • Industry-Best Return on Investment;
    • Newest, most advanced technology in the industry to provide industry best ROI;
    • CMD Intelligent Sealing Technology now also in longitudinal section offers the tightest control over the sealing process for converting bags and pouches;
    • Patented servo zipper crush with multi-move technology minimizes zipper leakers;
  • Compact Footprint;
    • Saves 11 feet from previous design;
    • Better operational efficiency with ewer steps needed for monitoring and adjustments;
    • Extra floor space can be otherwise productively used;
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation;
    • Physically and visibly stable while running; and
    • 70 dB or less at nominal run speed.

The CMD 760-SUP Stand Up Pouch System has been redesigned to answer those needs most urgently expressed by converters.

The improved design retains the technology and benefits offered in the original design, including:

  • Irresistibly Simple – with a design based on operator input, the 760-SUP is ingeniously simple to learn and train on. Clear, intuitive color touch screen operator interface, fast and easy mechanical adjustments and straightforward accessibility ensure more uptime and high product quality;
  • Quick Changeovers –– CMD customers report up to 40 percent faster changeovers than the competition. SKU proliferation and the resulting short runs puts a special emphasis on changeover time among the converters CMD interviewed. The answer is a design with straightforward accessibility, quick-change features, and simple-accurate adjustments to drastically cut downtime;
  • Logical, Simple Maintenance – along with needing quick changeovers, the market asked for quick, logical, predictive maintenance to reduce scheduled and unplanned downtime. The 760-SUP emphasizes accessibility and simplicity with the right amount of technical sophistication to help predict when maintenance will be needed – to avoid breakdowns and stoppages; and
  • Robust Precision – unique technology provides the industry’s most stable and repeatable process for the highest predictability in web handling, sealing and pouch quality.

For more information, visit https://www.cmd-corp.com.

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