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BriskHeat Announces Launch of DHI Drum Immersion Heaters

BriskHeat, a leading provider of surface and immersion heating products, controllers, and insulators, announced it has launched its new DHI Drum Immersion Heaters. These heaters are designed to screw directly into the top of 55-gallon drums.

The new immersion heaters are:

  • Designed for maximum thermal efficiency, with a faster heat-up rate compared to standard full-coverage heaters (when paired with an insulator);
  • Easy to install, screwing directly into the top of the drum;
  • Safe for use on both poly or metal drums;
  • Grounded;
  • Feature food-safe construction; and
  • Are ideal for non-acidic materials.

“BriskHeat expanded its current drum heater line to include the DHI Drum Immersion Heaters specifically to work with 55-gallon drums which are used across many industries,” said Tony Multon, vice president, sales, BriskHeat. “These heaters are perfect for use with liquids which need temperature maintenance or viscosity control.”

BriskHeat’s DHI 55-gallon immersion heater:

  • Delivers 1,000 watts for maximum heat;
  • Features a built-in digital controller for easy programming;
  • Has a 10-foot (3-meter) cord and plug for simple plug-and-play operation;
  • Includes a superalloy Incoloy 840 heater which won’t corrode or contaminate the product; and
  • Boasts a 180°F (82°C) high-limit cut-off for safety and peace of mind.

Pair the new BriskHeat Immersion Heater with FGDIW wet-area insulators for greater thermal performance. The FGDHIW insulators are easily installed using built-in straps and buckles. Both the heaters and insulators are suitable for use in wet or washdown environments.

For more information, visit https://www.briskheat.com.

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