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ASHE Make Diamond Modular for Integration

The Diamond model duplex slitter rewinder has been manufactured by ASHE for a number of years and have over 250 installations of the model around the globe.

When the machine was launched it came with an integrated unwind. The all-in-one unit was/is a compact unit which was incredibly easy to install using a small footprint.

The company saw many applications where other equipment, such as various types of perforation equipment or corona treaters were required to be integrated with a machine, and this integration normally involves machines with separated unwinds for ease of access to essential points on the slitter rewinder, or on the equipment which the slitter is being integrated to.

Machines with separated unwinds are also built to run at high speeds, which users may not see the benefit of - if it is running in conjunction with another piece of equipment that cannot run at such high speeds. This will also have an impact on the ROI when considering a new slitter rewinder.

For this reason, ASHE adapted the Diamond model several years ago so that it can be offered as a modular unit. It can be supplied as a one-piece stand-alone slitter rewinder, as first developed, or with various separated unwinds so that the other equipment can be fully integrated to the machine.

The company have reportedly supplied the Diamond model with hot and cold needle perforators, punching units, laser perforators and corona treatment units. The machine is also fitted with bypass routes so it can be utilized as a straightforward slitter rewinder if need be.

For more information, visit http://www.asheconvertingequipment.com/.

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