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Lohmann Corporation Expands Their Range of Reactive Chemistry Products

Lohmann Corporation & Subsidiaries announces the expansion of its Reactive Chemistry Adhesives, which now includes UV-LUX®, the world’s first UV-light activated adhesive with color change. UV-LUX is a patented, fast-acting epoxy resin that is stronger and more resilient than pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes and liquid adhesives. 

“UV-LUX streamlines production while adding both strength and pliability to semi-structural bonds. It’s tacky at room temperature and bonds quickly when exposed to UV light,” said David Nicely, business development manager, Lohmann. “As it’s applied, adheres and cures, UV-LUX changes colors, signaling its chemical progression.  The adhesive is blue on room temperature application. When activated by UV light, it turns pink. Within 24 hours, the color changes to purple, indicating curing is complete.”

“We offer products and services across the entire value chain from a single source in the production of double-sided adhesive tapes. Innovation often begins with a conversation. Lohmann proposes practical, yet inspired ways to provide innovative solutions for our customers,” said Steven J. De Jong, president, Lohmann.

“UV-LUX is an ideal solution for any number of design challenges. It enables precision engineering, adds efficiency to manufacturing and assembly, is invisible with transparent materials and improves the product performance,” added Nicely. “Clever design, innovative thinking and attention to detail combine to provide exceptional performance. Our bonding engineers stand ready to consult, assist and demonstrate how Lohmann’s line of reactive chemistry products bring innovation to the industry.”

For more information, visit https://www.lohmann-tapes.us.

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