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Global Adaptation in Flexible Packaging Machinery

Mamata has been selling globally since 1990, offering its customers total solutions for flexible packaging including:

  • Multilayer blown film lines;
  • Bag makers, pouch makers and Wicketers; and
  • Pouch packaging machines for premade pouches and rollstock HFFS applications.

In 30 years, Mamata has expanded to over 85 countries and has more than 5,000 machines installed including over 350 machines in North, Central and South America.

Mamata noted that it is one of the pioneers in introducing all servo controlled pouch machines since 2004. This allows its machines to control seal time, seal pressure and seal temperature independently enabling capability to process mono material films with ease. This is now benefiting its customers in processing PE mono material films. The company’s all servo pouch systems allow converters to make pouches from conventional laminates as well as convert mono material PE structures or PE/PE laminates and help in a mutual goal of sustainability and recyclability.

Indeed, the company’s versatility to offer multiple pouches converting capability sets it apart. On its flat bottom pouch machines, Mamata is the only company in the world to offer two lane terminated gusset zippered flat bottom pouch making option, with patents in U.S., Europe and Japan for the same.

Mamata offers versatile converting machines, with machines to do eCommerce security/ courier bags, flower/candy sleeves, diaper/ hygiene bags, hot glue patch handle bags, non-woven fabric bags, woven laminated sacks, and more. Recently Mamata introduced a high-speed surgical mask-making machine with the unique capability to make mask with nose-clip and head over loop, all in line.

In past five years, Mamata added machines to the Central American market, Caribbean and South America, as well as many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The company’s ability to offer modular design, versatility in terms of applications, changeovers and a complete solution to the industry makes it a supplier of choice for both converting and packaging machines.

When it comes to new industry trends, Mamata states that is has seen more and more narrow web printers, label converters entering the pouch-making segment. Volumes have decreased, but a large shift has been observed toward stand-up pouch with re-closable features from rigid packaging. Mamata is geared to take up this shift and has a variety of configurations to fit customer’s budgets and requirements.

With this the pandemic restricting mobility and travel for pre-sales and after sales support, especially for company like Mamata, which has its machines spread over 85 countries globally, the company has learned to adapt to the new normal quickly and has been able to support its customers through online tools available. In the last three months alone, the Mamata has done start-ups of over 20 machines through online facilities and has supported all of its customers to continue their manufacturing process uninterrupted.

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