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Teknos and Brightplus Cooperate to Develop Bio-Based and Biodegradable Solutions for Food Packaging

Paper and paperboard used in food packaging or serving are traditionally coated with a thin film of plastic which can make the recycling of such packaging problematic and eventually increase the amount of waste. The new barrier coating developed by Teknos and Brightplus is bio-based and biodegradable and can be used to replace the traditional fossil-based plastic film. 

“By replacing the traditional plastic film with this new bio-based barrier coating, we can increase the eco-friendliness of food packaging products. The solution can also enable wider use of fiber-based material in food packaging,” said Tuomas Aspiala, group commercial manager, Teknos.

The cooperation of Teknos and Brightplus is the second phase in this pilot solution, the first phase being development of the bio-based material itself. 

“We have conducted R&D with Teknos for a year now and are happy to take the next step in our collaboration,” said Jarkko Leivo, technology director, Brightplus. “In this next phase, we aim to increase the chemical functionality of the material and take a major leap forward in scaling-up and piloting the developed material. This year will ensure its commercial availability for industrial scale production.”

Teknos and Brightplus are both companies strongly committed to sustainability and innovation. 

In line with its sustainability program, Teknos reportedly develops solutions that contribute to solving environmental and other societal challenges. Applying its know-how from the coatings industry to packaging solutions is new to the industry.

“Our strengths lie within the experience from different raw materials, various substrates and coating methods. It is only natural that we apply this strong know-how to create solutions for different industries as well,” added Aspiala. 

Developing solutions for the packaging and food serving industry is part of Teknos’ innovation aims. Innovation is at the core of Teknos growth strategy for 2019–2025. The goal of Teknos is to be the most innovative partner in the coatings industry by 2025.

For more information, visit https://www.teknos.com.

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