FTA Moves FORUM & INFOFLEX 2021 to Fully Virtual Events

FTA has announced a change of venue for its FORUM & INFOFLEX 2021. Previously scheduled as hybrid events—both in-person and virtual—they will now take place solely in a virtual environment.

The decision comes following a careful review of the present and forecasted pandemic environment, as well as months of discussions with FTA members, FORUM speakers and INFOFLEX exhibitors. The Association is no stranger to executing successful conferences and events in a virtual environment, and expects to eclipse the high bars set by Virtual FORUM 2020 and Virtual Fall Conference 2020.

“The well-being of our membership always comes first, and right now, we’re just not at a point where an in-person FORUM & INFOFLEX can be held while meeting our standards for safety and security,” said FTA President Mark Cisternino. “But if there’s one thing our staff have become well-versed in, it’s delivering a caliber of virtual event that is unsurpassed in this industry.”

Beyond its two tentpole technical conferences, FTA organized and provided virtual events to its members and non-members on a frequent basis last year.

“Between Membernars, FLEXO Tech Talks, sustainability webinars and other online gatherings, our Association held more than two dozen virtual events in 2020—on average, one every other week,” noted FTA Vice President Brad Pareso. “Add to that our 60 years of experience delivering unrivaled technical content at FORUM and nearly 40 years of experience connecting flexographers at INFOFLEX, and venue becomes a minor detail.”

Additional details, including new dates for FORUM & INFOFLEX 2021 and a revised schedule for both events, will be coming soon. For updates, visit www.flexography.org.

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