Air Cleaning Blowers (ACBs)

Air Cleaning Blowers, LLC reported it is working diligently to help control the spread of germs during this current pandemic. Thirty-five years ago, the owner began his own business and has been marketing and manufacturing industrial HVAC products ever since. Over the years he found a growing need for some type of filter-less air filter but found no one that made anything similar. In the past several years his company developed and multi-patented a series of technologies that enable a blower to clean the air without having a filter element that clogs and constantly needs replacing. Because of how they work, ACBs really help with ventilation during this COVID-19 crisis and will long after it ends.  


Air-Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) ventilate, pressurize, and clean particles from even exceedingly dusty air without using any filter elements. ACBs help reduce the costs and complications of providing ventilation in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings—even individual apartments or rooms. Their technologies make them simpler to size and use than systems with ordinary air filters and air purifiers because they have no filter elements to clog. Without clogging, ACBs provide constant and predictable airflow, air pressure, air quality, and energy consumption. For users, having no filter media provides numerous benefits, among them no filter media to buy or maintain, bring in dry fresh air from outside by removing mist and rain, and no deferred maintenance of filter media to cause surprise consequences.


The company originally developed ACBs for dusty, corrosive, and other harsh industrial and military conditions. They are now used in applications as diverse and challenging as an African diamond mine, electrical controls in Nucor Steel plants, dust control in a Mitsubishi food-manufacturing plant, and US military satellite-tracking trailers in the Middle East. Currently, NIOSH (the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) is using them to develop systems to produce clean air to surround and protect coal miners in underground mines. 


As ACBs pull the ambient air through their housings, they use the particles' own momentums to separate them from the clean air in a multi-patented, novel way. They then eject the debris back into the atmosphere from where it came, usually outdoors. They remove large or small quantities of sand, dust, and other particles, big and small—even mist and rain.  


On the company’s growing success, ACBs CEO Edward Roston said, "What we have developed here at Air Cleaning Blowers is a real innovative technology that can seriously help slow down the spread of pathogens and protect the health of many people." 


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