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Kendall Packaging Brings Pouch Converting in House

Kendall Packaging has grown so well that the strategic decision was made to bring pouch-converting capabilities in-house, to ensure that customer expectations continued to be met and exceeded, particularly when it came to delivery.

Earlier in 2020, Kendall Packaging worked with CMD to complete the installation of a new, state-of-the-art Pouch Converting System from CMD. The CMD 760-SUP Stand Up Pouch System is the latest addition to Kendall’s impressive store of advanced technology.

"Adding pouch converting to our capabilities gives us more options for customers, some of whom have requested that Kendall bring it in house," said Stewart Landy, director of sales, Kendall Packaging. “We now have the ability to control everything in the process under our roof – we actually print, laminate, slit and make the pouches in our facilities.”

This added capability reportedly infuses a level of flexibility and speed to market important for specific customers and gives Kendall the close control necessary for custom applications.

The 760 SUP Stand Up Pouch Converting System reportedly offers advantages that are laser-pointed at bringing significant value to serious pouch converters. Coined “the Profit Advantage,” the system is designed to optimize existing processes by slashing downtime and scrap, and offers unique, built-in analytics to ensure consistent product quality.

Kendall serves customers in the food, non-retail and personal care industry, and the 760-SUP reportedly delivers advantages that address common needs among these customers. Chief among them is verifiable pouch quality, to ensure product safety and freshness.

The CMD machine is designed for quick changeovers between jobs, which builds in the flexibility for short runs and quicker deliveries.

Since taking delivery of the system in November of 2019, Kendall has reportedly added more pouch customers and a second, 5-day shift.  As word spreads of the company’s added capabilities, further expansion is considered, including the addition of a second system from CMD.

For more information, visit https://kendallpkg.com.

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