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DS Smith to Launch Virus Resistant Packaging

DS Smith, the leading sustainable packaging company, announced an exclusive partnership with the company Touchguard to develop a new range of sustainable cardboard packaging to protect consumers against potentially harmful bacteria.

While there is no evidence of virus transfer from cardboard, Touchguard’s patented technology is effective against a number of bacteria and viruses, including envelope viruses, of which COVID-19 is a member. The coating could be applied at scale across a range of applications, reportedly providing an additional layer of protection for consumers and workers throughout the supply chain.

Recent surveys by DS Smith have found growing retail and consumer interest in products with hygienic packaging, especially amid the pandemic that has boosted e-commerce nationwide and increased demand for shipping boxes.

The product has not been tested on COVID-19 cultures at this stage, but on feline coronavirus, part of the same family of viruses as COVID-19 in which its outermost layer and spikes attach and replicate to host cells. Touchguard reportedly disrupts the envelope to prevent the virus from replicating, effectively mitigating the risk of person-to-person transfer.

It reportedly has a proven kill rate of 99.5 percent in under 15 minutes on bacteria types and envelope viruses and eliminates the risk of person-to-person transfer of infections, such as MRSA and E. coli.

DS Smith is looking to use the technology across its operations in North America and Europe. As more shoppers flock online for their holiday shopping, this proven technology will further build consumers’ confidence around handling packaging in their homes.

The new range promises to support the sustainable packaging market with potential scope across a variety of areas, including e-commerce and food packaging, while still being 100 percent recyclable. The Touchguard coating and packaging will reportedly hold certification to AATCC100 (MOD), ISO18184:2019 (MOD) and complies with BfR36 recommendations for food-contact materials.

For more information, visit https://www.dssmith.com.

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