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TEAM Concept Explains Why It Chose Rollem’s InsigniaH Die-Cutter for Its In-House Finishing Expansion

TEAM Concept Printing and Thermography Inc. offers offset, digital, large format and thermography printing capabilities, with the most recent expansion being to bring the finishing in-house, which had previously been out-sourced. One of TEAM Concept’s main goals for bringing a machine system in-house was to ensure it was as versatile as possible and could accommodate as wide a range of finished products as possible. Products such as stickers and decals, pocket folders, specialized brochures, and folding cartons were all being targeted.

The Insignia was a viable option for die-cutting embellished print from TEAM Concept Printing's exclusive LUX FX finishing and service line of foils, varnishes, and advanced other unique treatments.

"We decided to go with Rollem because of their industry reputation and their hands-on service delivery. Throughout the install process we have been very impressed with their team's level of collaboration and training style,” said Vince Manini, partner/vice president, TEAM Concept. “From a technical standpoint we decided on the INSIGNIA 7 because of the size of projects it can handle and the complexity of work we can die-cut with it. It seems like it can handle any type of project and any size of project."

The versatility offered with the Insignia7H die cutting system made it a great match. This machine reportedly utilizes a pair of magnetic cylinders which houses a pair, or a “male/female” set, of die cutting tools when producing items such as folding cartons or pocket folders.

This could also open the door for embossed or debossed products, as well as running product directly in-line to folding/gluing systems for complete inline finishing of high volume work.

Alternately, when TEAM looks to convert flat products such as shaped cards, brochures, sticker sheets and more, the Insignia7H system can reportedly accept a blanket as the cutting surface for the lower cylinder and only requires an upper cutting tool to save cost on certain jobs with the use of only one die.

For more information, visit https://www.rollemusa.com.

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