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Model 975-TA Tabletop Feeder for Flat Cartons, Pouches & Cards

Dalemark Industries, Inc. announced its new Model 975-TA Tabletop Flat Product Feeder for flat cartons, pouches and cards. The Model 975-TA is a heavy duty product transporter for knocked down products and designed for easy integration with any C.I.J. or High Resolution Ink Jet, Laser Coder or P/S Tamp or Blow Label Applicator to provide a simple and affordable tabletop offline product identification system, even for fly weight stocks. Units are now available to accommodate flat products up to 16” wide.

Designed for both short and long run applications, this economical Tabletop Transporter provides system portability and features such as:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Suitable for integrating P/S Labelers, Ink Jet Coders or Laser Coders.
  • Adjustable speeds up to 200 ppm
  • Includes an Integrated Adjustable Stainless Steel Product Re-Accumulator Tray
  • Automatically strips, feeds and re-accumulates products up to 16” wide
  • Requires No Air or PC connection
  • Optional Shaft Encoder for Ink Jet Coding
  • Optional Integrated Vision/OCR or Bar Code Reader/Verification System

For more information, visit www.dalemark.com

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