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QC Electronics Unveils New Logo

The next generation of QC Electronics has arrived. As a part of this new chapter of QC, the company has unveiled a new logo and equipment labels that reflect new ideas and innovation.

“What a year for QC Electronics. We have changed the logo and image of the company, but still maintain our superior business model to continue QC’s legacy of supplying top-quality corona treatment systems. With our newest business partners, we are working to implement the highest echelon of quality into our units featuring the newest technology available to market,” said Kenneth Klein, president, QC Electronics.

“Our new power supplies incorporate the most advanced electronic technology with touch panel control and SMT circuits which incorporates a field programmable gate array with pulse width modulation control circuits for efficient, reliable operation. With the changes that are happening within the company, we felt it necessary to illustrate that outwards as well through our new logo,” he added.

The logo and equipment have been modernized by the new swoosh embodying ‘QC’ while also transitioning the logo from blue to red. The company reportedly decided to switch over to red to illustrate the passion and excitement of the next generation stepping in. The red logo also symbolizes a new, futuristic face of the company.

The logo was designed by Accent Graphix Design Studio in Madison, Wisconsin.

QC Electronics would like to thank its loyal customers who have supported and sustained the company throughout the last 32 years.

For more information, visit https://qcelectronics.com.

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