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Meech International Announces Launch of CyClean-R: A New Non-Contact Web Cleaner for Webs Running in Low Tension

An extension to Meech’s extremely popular non-contact CyClean range, CyClean-R incorporates advanced computational fluid dynamics that allow converters to thoroughly clean low-tension webs.

Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including narrow, mid and wide web, CyClean-R is available as a single-sided and double-sided web cleaner. From its position on the web roller, it reportedly delivers optimal, consistent removal of dry, unbonded contamination from almost any web material.

“The CyClean-R was designed after we became aware of a need in the market for an advanced web cleaning system that can be used on a web that sits around a roller,” said Adam Battrick, sales director, Meech.

“This makes the CyClean-R ideal for use in many applications, especially those with low-tension webs – this type of web has always been difficult to clean as effectively as a high tension web – with CyClean-R, this issue is now eliminated – and as it’s a non-contact cleaner, there is no risk of surface damage, or interference with web tension and tracking,” he added.

With a compact, space saving design that enables it to be installed onto most machinery, CyClean-R can reportedly be used across a wide range of installations and applications. Able to be installed as either a single- or double-sided unit, it is also suitable for a variety of web widths.

Every system also has air balancing and auto airflow adjustment, which means it can be set for a specific application and will then automatically maintain optimum cleaning performance, without operator intervention.

CyClean-R is available in three configurations: fixed, manual operation and pneumatic. All versions incorporate Meech's industry leading Hyperion static control bars, designed to eliminate static charges from web materials.

For more information, visit https://meech.com.

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