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Filmquest Implements Clean Room Environment

Filmquest Group, the leading global supplier of Questar® Polyester Film, headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, has announced the investment and implementation of its first Clean Room Environment.

Filmquest has been working diligently to complete its first ever Clean Room to provide customers with an uncontaminated environment for food and medical applications to meet market demands that have increased dramatically this year.

“As we became inundated with COVID requests for material to create masks and face shields, we quickly recognized that a clean room environment would be needed for many pandemic suppliers for the foreseeable future”, said John Felinski, president and CEO of Filmquest. “To better accommodate these requests, we were able to fast-track the project, and buyers have been anxious to take advantage of our new feature.”

This custom-built clean room is a welcome addition to Filmquest’s growing list of value-added investments and specialty services offered. Designed specifically to control air flow, temperature, and pressure, Filmquest’s clean room reportedly offers protection from contaminants such as dust and airborne particles, ensuring a superior production environment for Filmquest’s customers’ Questar® Polyester requirements.

For more information, visit https://www.petfilm.com.

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