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Power to the Pouch: GreenSeed Designs Customized Pouch Packaging for Enhanced Consumer Health & Safety

GreenSeed, a contract packaging operations company that designs and manufactures custom packaging solutions for dry foods and supplements in the natural products category, has been proclaiming the “power of the pouch” for years.

GreenSeed can reportedly accommodate all types of applications, including small or large format pouches, stand-up, easy tear, and zippered designs, all with horizontal form fill seals. It’s reported increased demand in single-serve pillow pouches since the onset of the pandemic.

It packages healthy snacks and immunity-boosting ingredients, such as quinoa, hempseed, flaxseed, chia, granola, yogurt melts, nutritional and probiotic powders, freeze-dried fruits, toddler cereals, crackers, fruit pieces, gummies, pasta, and chickpeas.

In addition to its safety features, pouches could be easy to customize. GreenSeed has reportedly worked with countless CPGs to redesign and “right-size” their pouches, which were bigger and bulkier than necessary. On the sustainability side, rightsizing a pouch could reduce the overall material used, which translates to less waste for the win-win of a protected package that doesn’t “overprotect.”

“We firmly believe that there’s no sense in packaging a high-quality product with more than you need,” said David Gray, CEO of GreenSeed. “When you right size material on the master case, you can get more cases onto a pallet, which means fewer trucks, which benefits the customer’s bottom line and the environment. We consider the full lifecycle of our packaging, always taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our earth for generations to come.”

For more information, visit https://greenseedcp.com.

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