EGP Partnership Certificate Awarded to Optipack

OptiPack, has received Sweden’s first EGP™ certificate. The Expanded Gamut Printing certificate was awarded as recognition for implementing a modern, more environmentally friendly and high-quality flexo printing process. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco, the pioneer in EGP™ technology.

OptiPack has reportedly had a long-term goal to improve flexo printing efficiency and ecology. The company owners were convinced of the efficiency of process color printing in 2018 and decided to invest to the SOMA Optima2 flexo press due to its proven ability to successfully utilize the EGP process in packaging printing for brand owners.

In collaboration with its prepress partner, Marvaco, and ink supplier, Siegwerk, OptiPack has implemented EGP technology during the past 18 months. This could help the company to reduce the environmental impact of the printing process, by minimizing the use of inks and process cleaning between jobs.

With the EGP process, it could be possible to print four designs side-by-side, and avoid three extra set-ups with cleaning, waste and down time on the machine. This could reduce down time on the designs that are produced with EGP versus traditional CMYK + PMS.

Moreover, the contact proofs are matching the print result so well that customers have reportedly been able to avoid on-site press acceptance, which has been especially beneficial during the COVID-19 quarantine. With the EGP process, print production becomes more flexible and efficient, and enables faster client deliveries.

The EGP technology reportedly enables high-quality, efficient and greener package printing with no need for spot colors. The predictable and precise brand colors are implemented with digitally assisted ink blending.

The color gamut is enriched with additional OGV (orange, green, violet) process inks, which doubles the number of color shades compared to the Pantone+ color series. Even bright shades are implemented cleanly. With EGP’s digital color separation, brand colors that have been restricted in the past by only CMYK can be implemented in a nearly unrestricted, more controlled and more precise manner.

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